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Shower Valve Repair and Installation in Kent, WA with Renovation Pro

Expert Solutions for Your Shower Valve Maintenance Needs

Shower valves are crucial to the smooth operation of a functional and reliable shower system. However, only when it is installed properly by a team of qualified professionals does it give you an easy time. To prevent malfunctions like leaks, varying water pressure, and inconsistent temperatures, call us now.

Here are the steps we follow before shower valve installation :

  • Shut Off the Water Supply
  • Removal of Old Valve
  • Preparation of Valve Site
  • Installation of a New Valve
  • Testing
  • Trim and Finishing Installation
  • Final Inspection
  • For more information about each of the steps, call us now. We are also a trusted choice for leak diagnosis, replacement of O-rings and seals, fixing drips and drops, temperature and pressure adjustment, corrosion removal, and many other repairs.